PivotPA: Your entry point for becoming a Republican Activist, Committee Member, Volunteer, or Informed Voter Hello, and welcome to PivotPA. We are an activist arm of the Chester County Republican Party. It is a group of dedicated County Committee Members and Volunteers that work across Republican Party geographic “Areas” to leverage resources/effort when working on common objectives.

To serve as an entry point for prospective Republican activists and interested voters. Some may choose to volunteer without the commitment of Committee Membership; others may look for deeper/more regular involvement by becoming a County Committee Member.

How does it all tie together?
The Chester County Republican Committee relies on 28 Area sub-committees to accomplish its mission. Each Area sub-committee works locally to achieve Republican goals specific to their locale. For example, the Kennett/New Garden Area may have different local opportunities than the Downingtown or West Chester Areas. All Areas serve County and State-wide goals such as electing Party Leadership and supporting candidates for public office. Again, PivotPA breaks down Area silos in order to leverage efforts more broadly.

What are PivotPA’s plans and how can I get involved?
The Strategies and Plans of PivotPA are privately held but shared with those who join. All Registered Republicans, and like-minded Independents are welcome. Please use the Contact Us feature to express your interest. Someone will contact you promptly!